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"Two Thousand Miles" is a musical that tells a compelling story of a close-knit group of friends who relocate from California to New York City. This ensemble of eight actors brings to life the tale of resilience, love, and companionship amidst adversity.

The plot unfolds around Davis, a former business student turned aspiring playwright, who confronts the daily struggles of living with Lupus. Alongside him is his devoted boyfriend, Nate, a well-established composer who learns the complexities of caring for a loved one with a chronic illness. Together, they embark on the journey to premiere their new musical, demonstrating that love and determination can conquer all obstacles.

Ava, another member of the group, bravely shares her own reality of living with Rheumatoid Arthritis while pursuing her dreams as a working actor. Meanwhile, Jessica faces the daunting task of reigniting her passion as a performer after losing her dream job. 

Julian and Christina, two friends who find themselves unexpectedly expecting, face the disapproval of Julian's mother. This unforeseen pregnancy raises questions about their future.

"Two Thousand Miles" is a testament to the extraordinary power of love and friendship. The musical showcases how these deep connections can transcend illness and personal turmoil through acceptance, understanding, and unwavering support.

Written & Conceived by Alyssa M. Williams

Music & Lyrics by Hans Zanger

Additional Material to Book/Lyrics by Jaclyn Nash

Additional Material to Music by Taylor Guttadauro 

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